Box room transformation

We thought you’d like to see what the combination of our construction skills, the windows from our OneStop Windows brand, and a little imagination can achieve.

We were approached by a customer who had a box room.  Nothing too unusual about that.  They’d already had a wall removed from the room because it was on a long and light restricted hallway.  Opening the wall up allowed the light to flood in.

They’d used the room as a small area for their once-young children to sit and play in.  As the children grew, the room became little used and our clients had the need for a home office area.  They needed the office to have the ability to be closed off but didn’t want to lose the light into the hallway – so how on earth do you achieve that?

They also had very specific requirements for their working area – where 2 of them would need to work throughout the day and have a lot of electrical sockets, ports and media availability.

Here is what the room looked like after most of the items in it had been removed.  As you can see, it is a plain box room with a flat traditional window and completely featureless.  Not the most inspiring of places to work from, is it?

We could have simply done what most people would – build a home office.  That’s not what we like to do though.  This size room can be transformed by making the most of light and the available space.

That’s why the first thing we did was to knock the rear window out.  Yes, bye-bye to the old flat window!


Now we have a very big hole we need to fill and OneStop Windows can give the perfect solution to that – a new bay window.  Not just any bay window though, we need to consider the use of the room, the maximising of space and to keep a style that will fit the modern room we’re creating.


This called for a custom sized square bay window.  You can see it in the photograph above before the OneStop wizards began careful fitment of it.

FullSizeRender 8

The window needed to provide good ventilation too but the owners didn’t want a large single pane of glass on the outer section.  That’s why we specifically created this style…

FullSizeRender 4

How much better does that look?  What’s more, the feeling of light and space it gives is remarkable.  Remember how small the room looked originally?  This is what it looked like once the initial fit of the window was complete…

FullSizeRender 5

There’s still a lot of finishing off to be done on the window but you might also have noticed that the old standard radiator has gone too.  More on that later.  As you can see below, the window opens in full, not just a top section.

FullSizeRender 9

As if that isn’t enough to change a room, now we come to the really clever bit.  The pièce de résistance (bet you didn’t know we spoke French too?  Oo-la-la).

How about a glass wall?  No.  How about a glass wall with a sliding glass door?  No.  How about a glass wall with a sliding glass door on a mechanism that automatically closes it slowly and stops it hitting anything suddenly?  Yes, we’ll do that!

We built a custom sized glass wall with a top runner section, in 3 toughened glass sections, with the third section being the door.

Check this out…


Wow.  Here it is with the door open…


Look at the door handle.  Squared off, as with the style of the bay window, and ordered from a specialist supplier in the UK who gets the handle from….Los Angeles.  That handle has done more miles than Darcy The Wonder Dog has running around!

The handle is chrome finished and ever so smooth and shiny.  It is a flush fit through the glass with no sign of screws, bolts or anything else unsightly that would spoil this wonderfully clean glass wall/door.

The wall offers sound privacy, a closed environment but loses none of the valuable light flowing in from the new bay window.  It is also extremely stylish whilst being very strong.

The door slots into the skirting board where there is a thin strip of black rubber so, no matter how hard you try to shut the door quickly, the top slider mechanism slows the door down to an almost dead stop – and then it gently moves the last few centimetres into the slot where the rubber causes it to stop silently.  The closure to the wall is completely flush.

The observant will see that the ceiling now has 4 LED spot lights in a chrome surround to match the finish on the door handle.  These aren’t wired like normal lights though.  To begin with, they’re on dimmer switches – but note we said “switches” and not “switch”.

Because one side of the room is going to be a desk working area, it was important to be able to light it perfectly.  The occupants might want light behind them, but not directly over the desk, or vice versa.  They can control the lights in pairs, obtaining the perfect shed and brightness of light (and there are more lights to come as we’ll see soon).

That brings us to the working area itself.  This is completely fitted, custom designed and built, with all materials and colour schemes made to order.

The desk features a centre drawer unit with soft close drawers.  Here is the main work surface during fitting.


The desk is enclosed on each side in the same finish.  The desk isn’t flush to the wall – if you look carefully you’ll notice there is another new addition.  The wall has been fitted with a huge backboard in a light grained grey with approximately an inch space between it and the original wall.  The photograph below shows the gap but you can’t see behind it, because there is an inset frame finished in the same grey that covers what is behind it.


This backboard provides a lovely contrast against a matt white finished wall and serves a very practical purpose too.  It allows cabling, running up to what we’re about to show now, to be completely hidden.

Mounted onto the backboard is the work surface and a large frame, finished in the same anthracite wood effect, that houses a 42″ TV.

All cabling is hidden and behind the TV you’ll spot there are more lights.  These are LED and controlled by units on the work surface.  They can be set to run in a variety of colour changing modes or manually adjusted to show any combination of colour that you want.

There are two sets.  The second set is mounted at the top and behind the backboard, pointing up to the ceiling…


You’ll now spot there are other panels mounted on the backboard.  There are a variety of shapes and sizes, some in gloss white and some in aubergine.  These are nothing but styling touches to bring the shape and tone of the design together.


The LED control units are within easy reach from the work surface because they are cabled behind the backboard and accessible from a chrome finished centre slot in the desk where all cabling runs in and out for any items in use.  There is also a 12 port USB charging and docking station fitted underneath that chrome surround!


Power to the entire wall is provided by 4 double-sockets mounted flush to the backboard and out of sight under one side of the desk area.  There is even a switch to power them all on or off in one go, so you don’t have to flick 8 switches if you’re going away on holiday!


There is also a HDMI cable running down from the 42″ TV, behind the backboard and out through a custom slot under the desk – so if the customer wants to have their laptop display on the large TV, they can!


You might be wondering that this wall might leave the adjacent wall looking bare?  No.

A collection of blocks in sizes to replicate the aubergine and white blocks on the working wall were produced.  These have been arranged in an abstract layout to present a feature on the back wall.


The old radiator was replaced with a modern panel radiator with chrome finishing to complement the design in general.

The floor was then levelled in preparation for the fitting of distressed grey sea-wood effect flooring.  One of the many properties of this type of floor is the superb noise reduction it offers in conjunction with being hard wearing.

This was vital because of the intention to use castor based office chairs in the area.


An original set of white leather chairs were replaced with full-size white leather office chairs, a white leather bench seat and we’re almost done…


What does the finished home office look like?  Very, very different from the original room!

Once again, here is what it looked like…


…and here it is now!






That’s what we call a transformation.  The combination of our OneStop Windows brand and expertise with all things window and glass, with the craftsmanship and design efforts of DP Construction, make this an office anyone would happily spend their day in!

The owners are delighted and spending a lot more time working than ever before.   Oops.


Want to see how we can transform your home?

Visit the OneStop Windows website HERE

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