Cool College Space

Did you enjoy school?  I didn’t, mainly because I didn’t have to go to school.  That’s one of the advantages of being a Wonder Dog.

Perhaps you went to college or University?  I could have gone to Oxford (or Cambridge, they both wanted me) as a lecturer but I told them I was far too busy keeping things going to plan here.

If I had gone to college, I think I’d have liked to have gone to the place that the geniuses at DP worked on.

We were asked to give the ground floor of Ashington College a complete remodel.

The college wanted a bright, open, inspiring and relaxing communal appeal.  We were called in to sprinkle some magic and wave our wands (tape measures).

We began by pulling down walls.  That’s how so many of our projects start because we’re very good with sledgehammers and we don’t like barriers to creativity.


We filled lots of wheelbarrows and we’d soon created a space big enough to play football in (or for me to run around in but I wasn’t allowed to go and do that).


You can see in the photograph above that, once the walls had come down, the light came flooding in.  There was still a need for office space so we created much more accessible and practical space that we’d install more modern doors in.



We made sure the working environment was safe with the use of temporary barriers in any areas that students or others might still need to access.  We didn’t want any students squished and nor did we want our guys spending a fortune on the vending machines, so the barriers served multiple purposes.


Our new doors (above) lead through to open plan office space where lots of thinking takes place and clever people work.

However, we’d remembered that they wanted more open communal space and there would also be shops within the college, so look at what the area we demolished now looks like…


Wow!  How smart is that?  I asked if I could play Rabbid Rabbits (my favourite game on the computer when nobody is looking) but apparently that’s not what these screens were for.  I was very disappointed so I had a huff for 20 minutes to get over it.


The corridors, floors and lighting look ever so swish in their contrast of greys and that ultra-impressive colour on the walls!  I quite fancy a collar and lead in that colour.


As you can see, everything is very clearly signposted and there’s a young man in the photograph above heading off to the Patisserie to buy me a cream bun.  Unfortunately he never came back and was last seen sheepishly trying to wipe fresh cream from his cheeks.

What an amazing place to learn it must be!  I’ve decided to enrol some of the guys on a couple of courses there.  They don’t seem too keen on “Flower arranging for builders” or “Cross-stitching for Boys” but I’ve told them it’ll help them keep in touch with their feminine side.



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