Open Area and Bi-Fold Doors Project

Many of our customers come back to us year after year as their lifestyles and requirements for their homes change.

A project we’ve just completed in Whitley Bay is a perfect example of how the DP Team can adapt your existing home to meet new demands.

We built this extension to a property approximately 10 years ago and it has served the owners well.


However, a decade on and they wanted to open up the separate living space into one large area and install triple glazed bi-fold doors.

The DP Team got to work and (under the excellent in-office supervision of Darcy The Wonder Dog) started to plan the structural changes required.

We removed the french doors and brick pillar, providing structural support with the installation of a new lintel…


It’s this type of work that often goes un-noticed when most people will only ever see the end result, so we thought you’d like to see what goes on underneath!


There’s a lot of thought, planning and effort goes into making our customers homes as rigid and structurally sound as it is possible to be!



As you can see, that’s a very heavy and very strong support that then allowed us to give the customer the fantastic new open space they wanted…


Look at the fabulous amount of light and feeling of air and space that gives now!


The triple glazed bi-fold aluminium doors look fantastic and transform the living space into a light, accessible and perfect modern lifestyle area.


If you want to know about how we help you transform you home in a similar way, get in touch through our website!


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