Darcy the Wonder Dog


I’m Darcy, better known as Darcy the Wonder Dog!

I’m the DP Construction dog and capable of tricks and feats that the rest of the team can only dream about.  Whilst they’re busy building things and being all fancy with designs and fittings (and other boring things), I’m the adorable, fun and best looking member of our fantastic company.

I like the beach.  I like the sea too, but not when it is too cold (although it usually is up here in the Northeast!).  Obviously, I like food.

Keeping the DP team on the ball is easy but I prefer it if they throw a ball for me to catch and return.  I’m very good at that.

I am responsible for keeping the DP Construction blog up to date.  It is me that lets you know where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going to next.

How exciting is that?!

Feel free to contact me and ask me questions.  I like answering questions but please keep them clean because I’d rather not have to bite your nose off.




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